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Must have three pharmacology books best for medical students for free

Pharmacology is most important element for graduation as a medical professional. Out there, there are number of different pharmacology books available focusing different parts of drugs. Some elaborate only general drug properties and common side effects. While others go for in-depth review exploring drugs at molecular level and their interaction with receptors and resulting pharmacological actions.
Following is most common list of pharmacology books in pdf to download.

1. Goodman Gilman's Manual of Pharmacology and Therapeutics;

Goodman Gilman's Manual of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.
This book is designed for 'book worms'. I mean anybody curious enough to love pharmacology, he must go for it. All drugs mentioned with full details of molecular structure, MOA, side effects, drug interactions and a lot more with visual graphics.
Further all body systems having different drug profiles are the best part starting from ANS, CNS, CVS, GIT, Excretory system, Endocrine, respiratory system and so on.....
Mechanism of actions are best detailed in this pharmacology book.
Download for free here.
 Pharmacology best book top

2. Katzung basic and clinical pharmacology Lange 10th edition

Katzung basic and clinical pharmacology Lange 10th edition
It also gives us in-depth review of drug in relation to body systems with extensive info on primary pharmacology units ranging from chemotherapy and antimicrobial to smooth muscle, central nervous system, autonomic nervous system etc
Download Katzung pharmacology books here.

 Katzung pharmacology

3. Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology, 4th Edition PDF free download

Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology, 4th Edition PDF free download
Most of the time Lippincott is the winner of pharmacology books election. Everyone has his own reasons for selection Lippincott's Pharmacology for consulting and exam preparations. There is small percentage of students who prefer not to consult this book.
Best reasons are the comprehensive and tabulated data presentation. With easy to understand and memorize mechanism of actions and tabulated comparison this is ideal for most students. Best part is almost every section is given but in concise way that students love. Also side effects are given with interesting graphics which are remembered without need of cramming.
Download Lippincott's pdf pharmacology book here. 

 PDF book Lippincott pharmacology


This list is only recommendation of ''. Always consult your teachers, seniors and field professional for best advice. Further these books are all copyright materials of respective owners. You are always advised to purchase them and which will always help you in medical career. Good luck

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