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November 2011

Note: Some questions are incomplete are missing. So please be patient as we will update when we find complete questionnaire. If you have complete questions please share with us. Thank you.


Important; Following questions are courtesy of UNKNOWN visitor. He has only requested for prayers.

1. what is true about critical temperature:
 a. applies on mixture of gas.
 b. of co2 is 31c
 c. of oxygen is 121c
 d. of nitrogen is 21c
 e. is temperature below which pressure can keep gas liquid

 2. Humidity in OT should be

 3. Ropivacaine is used for epidural anaesthesia instead of bupivacaine during labour,because
 a. it is less toxic
 b. no effect on fetus
 c. recovery is quick
 d. prolonged action

 4. half life of pseudocholine esterase is
 a. 2 hours
 b. 1 week
 c. 3 days
 d. 12 hours

 5. regarding phosphodiestease inhibitor (I can just recall there was some option regarding its inactivation of cAMP,,which I ticked..but don’t remember exactly now what the other options were )

 6. volume of distribution depends on following except
 a. age
 b. gender
 c. lipid solubility of a drug

 7. what is true about FRV volume.
 a. increased in shallow breathing
 b. nitrogen breath test can measure it
 c. it is part of minute ventilation
 d. can be measured by helium dilution metho

 8.regarding coanda effect what is true
 a. can explain ischemia of myocardium
 b. do not explains vascular flow
 c. explains unequal distribution of air in alveoli

 9. regarding flow of gas in a tube,directly proptional to
 a. radius
 b. pressure difference
 c. viscosity

 10.flow of inhalational gases across memebrane is directly propotional to..
 a. surfactant produced
 b. transalveolar pressue
 c. hypoxia

 11. which one of following anti emetic has max bioavalability
 a- ondansteron
 b- cyclizine
 c- droperidol
 d- metoclopramide
 e- porcholrperazine

 12.which one of following drug worsens angina
 b.isossorbide dinitrate

 13.which one of following used in CCF but is not a vasodilator…

 14.drug of choice in prizmental angina
 a.isosorbide dinitrate

 15.nitous oxide is a .. a.analgesic,, b.vasodilator

 16. regarding paracetamol what is true…
 a.increases PT… nephrotoxic
 c.not an anti inflammatory
 d.more potent analgesic than codeine
 e.causes met-Hb.emia more frequently than Phanacetin

 17.child with burn 6 hour back brought to ER for dressing. Family history of sibling died under GA is positive…you are cautious regarding using succinylcholine in this patient why?
 a. Chances of malignant hyper thermia increases
 b. hyperkalemia
 c. due to increased risk of prolonged muscle contractions

 18.sensory supply of dura is by all except
 a.trigeminal nerve
 b.cervical nerves
 c.vagus nerve
 d.hypoglossal nerve

 19.Mac of isoflurane is a.0.3 b.0.5 c.1.2 d.1.5

 20.mac is reduced in…
 a. duration of anaesthesia
 c. hypoxia,

 22. which one irritates larynx..
 a. desflurane
 b. isoflurane
 c. sevoflurane
 d. nitrous oxide

 23.isoflurane effects cardiac activity by: (options don’t remember exactly,but the main theme was how isoflurane actually suppresses cardiac activity,mechanism of action )
 a. decreasing AV conduction
 b. inhibiting intracellular phospateases
 c. bidirectional block (something like that ,exact term don’t remember but it was bi- )

 24. all of the following are tributaries of internal jugular vein except:
 a. sigmoid sinus
 b. lingual vein
 c. superior thyroid
 d. oocipital vein

 25. After induction of anesthesia by 10 mg/kg thiopentone, pt is hypotonic. Cause ?
a. hypersensitivity
b. dec HR
c. dec contractility

 26.which one of following has steroid nucleus.

 27.which one is potent bronchodilator,can be used in asthmatic patients

 28.regarding isoflurane one correct statement..
 a.recommended for anaesthesia induction,,

 29.thiopental effects on cvs:
 a.transient fall in bp

 30. ketorolac drug of choice in…
 a.. a patient of thoracotomy wid oozing wounds
 b. diabetic patient undergoing hemicolectomy

 31. correct statement regarding inferior vena cava …
 a.commences at L5
 b.tributaries similar to aorta
 c.lies posterior to right adrenal gland related to bare area of liver

 32. regarding left adrenal vein drains into…
 a. inferior vena cava
 b. left renal vein

 33. adrenaline is added to local anaesthetic to restrict its…

 34. regarding cvp whats true….
 a. always low in all types of shock.
 b. give accurate measurement when catheter in rt atrium
 c. gives clue about pulmonary edema
 d. reading 5cm H2o is equal to 10 mmhg

 35.patient in ot undressed..heat loss is by
 a.radiation n conduction

 36.if ventillation increasd.
 a.dead space develops

 37.laminar flow what is true….
 a. directly proportional to viscosity

 38. transducer is…
 a .convert one energy form into another

39.patient on htnsive drug now comes in shock ,known hypertensive,, Serum Potassium is 5..Diagnosis? a.hemolysis

 40. whats true about montoux test..
 a.reaction type is type 4

 41.prednisolone..( cant recall what they asked,just remember there was a question regarding it as well ) sternous exercise wats not increased….
 a.heart rate
 b.cardiac output
 c.respiratory rate
 d.blood pressure

 43.pulse pressure
 a. is differance of systolic and diastolic pressures
 b. decreases in old age

 44. cardiac index is..
 a. cardiac output to body surface area (BSA),
 b.difference of end systolic volume and end diastolic volume

 45. lysosomes
 a. produced by golgi apparatus
 b. has hydrolases n catalases
 c. has oxidases

 46.regarding carotid sheath,correct statement is:
 a.contents are carotid artery,vagus nerve,internal jugular vein
 b.formed by condensation of pretracheal fascia 

46.adenosine mode of action… a.


 48.bronchial tone circadian rhythm max at …a.early morning

 49.3rd space fluid loss.fluid of choice is…
 a. blood,plasma
 c. ringers lactate
d. normal saline

 50.class three antiarhythmic name
 a. quinidine
 b. pilocarpine
 c. lidocaine

 51.10-15% blood loss,,replace by ..
 a. whole blood
 b. three times normal saline
 c. ringers lactate
 52.pulmonary ligament is
 a. in which lung root sinks during respiration
 b. a recess in parietal pleura
 c.formed by condensation of Sibson fascia

 53.supra pleural fascia is …..
 a.thickining of pretrachial fascia
 b.attached to first rib
 c.moves with respiration,
 d.subclavian vessels crosses it superiorly

 54. chorda tympani,select one false…..
a. supplies posterior 2/3 of tongue,
b .leaves through styloid mastoid foramen.
. c. passes over upper part of medial side of tympanic membrane

 55.all are mesoderm derivative except… .

56.road traffic accident ,patient now having bleeding from left ear n left eye pupil dilated,which cranial nerve damaged

 57.thoracic part of sympathetic trunk supplies all except..
 a. heart,
 b. lungs,
 c. aorta,
 d. parietal pleura 

58.respiratory quotient is
 a.carbondioxide produced per oxygen utilization

 59.mac of sevoflurane with 60% N2O
 a. 0.66-0.68

 60.which of following joint is immoveable
 c.symphsis pubis
 d.shoulder joint

 61.dorsal rami of cervical spinal nerves supply

 62.regarding bronchopulmonary segments correct statement is
 a.has a segmental bronchus
 b.anatomical ,surgical,functional unit of lung

 63.which of following organism causes menigites sec. to pyogenic lung abcess

 64.true regarding trachea
 a. contains macrophages in alveoli
 b. incomplete cartilages in airway tract tubes
 c. cilliated epithelium uptil terminal bronchus

 65.nitrogen breath test can be used for a.measuring dead space .

 66.regarding right brachiocepahilc vein,what is true
 a. has valve
 b. right is longer than left
 c. commences at level of t4
 d. is vertical

 67.filling of ventricle produces which heart sound .

 68.lymph is drained into
 c.lymph node 

69.regarding inferior vena cava,what is true ..
 a.commences at L5
 b.lies posterior to right renal gland
 c.related to bare area of liver
 d.has tributaries similar to aorta 

70.regarding internal jugular vein
 a.continuation of sigmoid sinus,
 b.hypoglossal nerve crosses it anteriorly,,
 c.lingual nerve is its tributary,

 71.anterior inferior cerebellar artery is a branch of
 b.basillar artey
 c.vertebral artery
 d.posterior cerebral artery

 72.which of following doesn’t have any sensory supply
 a.hypoglossal nerve,
 b.vagus nerve,
 c.occulomotor nerve,,
 d.trochlear nerve

 73.a patient is inducted with an inhalational agent,he develops bronchospasm n airway irritation, (I think in question it was also mentioned about mac of that agent and it was < 0.1 ,,don’t remember exactly ) which agent is responsible for this:

 74.what is true about amide local anaesthetics: a.they are bound to albumin

 75.regarding ropivacaine what is true
 a.less cardiotoxic
 b.long duration of action
 c.equally effective than bupivacaine
 d.pKa is equal to that of bupivacaine

 76.most toxic local anaesthetic is: a.bupivacaine b.ropivacaine c.lidocaine d.dimethocaine 

77.suxamethonium causes tachycardia in a patient ,,what is the mechanism ? blocks nicotinin receptors at post synaptic junction blocks nicotinic receptors at autonomic ganglia blocks muscarinic receptors at postsynaptic terminal have given a dose of suxamethonium in a patient ,now u have to give another dose,you are very cautious regarding second dose,why ?
 a.because of hyperkalemia
 b.because of hypocalcemia

 79.regarding ropivacaine what s true:
 a.low ph increases its shelf life
 b.more toxic than bupivacaine is a recemic mixture

 80.piperacurium is preferred over pancuronium because
 a.renal excretion is less
 b.cardiovascular stability is more

 81.which local anaesthetic causes methaemoglobinemia:
 c. Prilocaine d.

 82.half life of pseudocholinesterase is:
 a.12-16 weeks
 b.3 hours
 c.2 days

 83.orifice of a tube is small,flow of gas through small orifice affected by which parameter
: a.presseure difference

 84.what is true about viscosity? decreases on increasing temperature pregnancy respiratory rate increases which hormone is responsible for that : a.estrogen b.prolactin c.thyroid d.progesterone huntingtons chorea succinyl choline is contraindicated ,why? a.pseducholine esterase is deficient

 87.ace inhibitor acts in ccf by .. a.reducing cardiac out put decreasing av conduction decreasing SA and AV conduction

 88.which one of following is correct : a. po2 90 spO2 1OO% b. po2 60 spO2 90% c. po2 50 spO2 60% how many percentage of population malignant hyperthermia chances exist? a.<50% b. 60% c. 80%

90.cis atrecurium is preferred over atricurium why? a.due to less production of metabolites b.dosesnot release histamine 91.preganglionic sympathetic supply to sublingual gland is transmitted along which cranial nerve

92.regarding why nitrous not used in abdominal surgeries correct statement is: a.distends intestine

 93. ECG of a patient shows progressively increasing PR intervals followed by dropped beat. What is the condition? a) Third degree heart block b) Mobitz Type 1 c) Sinus arrhythmia d) Mobitz Type 2 case scenerio was given in which ph was 7.4,,pCO 2 was 60,,and HCO3 was 26 a.respiratory acidosis b.type 1 respiratory failure and compensated respiratory acidosis c.type 2 respiratory failure and compensated respiratory acidosis d.metabolic alkalosis indicator of preload is: a.pulmonary capillary wedge pressue b.ventricular end diastolic volume c.end systolic volume d.organ perfusion

 96.All are the branches of Vagus nerve EXCEPT a) Auricular b) Lacrimal c)Pharyngeal d) Recurrent Laryngeal

 97.About CSF most appropriate statement is a) it is ultrafilterate of Plasma b) has more glucose than blood c) has cushioing effect d) absorbed in Choroid Plexus

 98.sodium in blood is electrically balanced by .chloride ion .bicarbonate .rest options don’t remember 

99.maximum map is in a.ivc b.svc c.pulmonary artery d.capillaries

 100.glucose tranports across membrane due to its concentration difference,it is called: a.diffusion b.facilitated diffusion tranport d.sec. active tranport

 101.cell is in complete depolarization phase in : a.qrs complex b.QT interval c.ST segment d.T wave 

102. Muscle relaxant that can be given to an asthmatic pt a. atracurium b. tubocurare c. cisatracurium d. suxa 

103.Regarding Laudanosine,all true except (exact options don’t remember but I guess they were like this ) a.metabolite of atra and cis curium b.less conc . produced by cis than atracurium c. crosses blood brain barrier d.cns depression

 104.regarding intracranial part of facial nerve what is true: a.give rise to greater petrosal nerve b.nerve to submandibular gland c.nerve to tensor tympani

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