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FCPS part 1 past papers, Medicine
March 7, 2013
FCPS part 1 mcqs medicine
part 1 fcps past papers
Medicine FCPS 1 papers and answers march 7, 2013
Here is the FCPS one march 7, 2013 Paper recollects .
The answers don't seem to be however 100% correct but these are the most probable answers given here.
You can consult and observe these queries if you want to appear in FCPS examinations.
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1.grade IV encephalopathy caused by
a paracetamol
b ethylene glycol
2. ptnt on ATT develop joint pain nd have inc. uric acid level which drug?
a pyrazinamide
b rifampacin
c ethambutol

3. phenoromone are
a cant detect by human due to low threshhold of olfaction
b relase among members of diff. species
c elecit a special behaviour response

4. ptnt with ATT now develop visual field abnormalty nd eye changes which drug?
a ethambutol
b inh
c rifampacin

5. which nerve not present in carotid sheath?
a X
b XI
d Ix
e auditory

6. hairy leukoplakia assoc. with

7. T 9:22 dislocation occurs in
a cml
b aml
c cll

8. most common cause of fatty liver in our region?
a hep a nd b
b alcohol
c inc fat intake
d protien def

9. basal ganglia complex have?
a high ca
b high magnesium
c low ca

10. peripheral blood of patnt show marked anisocytosis nd poikilocytosis with inc. mcv
a pernicious anemia
b anemia of chronic disease
c thalasemia

11. vit b12 normally absorb in
a ileum
b duodenum
c stomach

12. a ptnt with fracture of femur died after 2 days cause?
a fat embolism

13. ptnt with butterfly rash nd protienuriamost initial screening test?
a ana
b anti dna

14. old male farmer with ascites on ascitic fluid have malignant cell nd on biopsy angiosarcoma cause?
a afalatoxin
b vinyl chloride
c arsenic

15. a 4 year boy with failure to thrive recurrent sinusitis otitis media nd RTI nd family history of such complains to cnfrm diagnosis?
a choloride sweat test
b fat absorption test
jejunal biopsy

16.most potent protien synthesis in skeletal muscle?
a testosterone
b dht
c progesterone
d estradiol

17. child has surgery of terminal ileum which vitamin not absorbed?
a b12
b vit c

18. baby with recurrent cervical lymphadenopathy klebsiella pneumonia is isolated from lesion which immun deficiency?
a chronic gran. disease
b severe combine agamma
c t cell function defect

19. most potent chemotactic agent
a c5a

20. 40 year male with skin pigmentation nd disturbance in balance. anemic, mcv 126fl serum ferritin 600ng/ml?
b megaloblastic
c anemia of chronic disease

21. angina worsens by giving?
a captopril
b vasoopressin
c b blocker

22. IHD with or without MI features?
a stable angina
b unstable angina
c MI
d prazimental angina

23. edema of nephrotic synd?
a hypoalbumin

24. best example of autoimmunity against single organ?
a hashimoto thyr
b poly arteritis
c sle
d RA

25. 60 YEAR OLD MALE 8 MNTH HISTORY OF PROGRESIVe genrelisd lymphadenopathy hb 9.8 tlc 59x10`9 peripheral show mature lymphocyte?
b Hairy cell leukemia
c sarcoidosis

26. boy with loss of apetite vomiting high color urine nd yellow sclera?
a bilirubin + alt
b hep a nd b
c liver biopsy

27. type of TYPE III hypersenstvty?
a post streptococal gmnephritis

28. klienfelter karyotype?
a XO
b XX

29. diagnosis of typhoid in 2nd week?
a blood culture + widal
b widal
c blood culture

30. first symptom of hypopitutrism sec. to pitutiary tumor?
a DI
b DM
c hypogonadism

31. myxoid degeneration assoc with
a mitral prolapse
b inf. endocarditis
c marantic endocard

32. insulin inc entry of glucose in
a skeletal muscle
b neurons
c mucosa of small intestine

33. blockade of dopa receptor by l.dopa causes all except
a ammenorhea glactorhea syndrome
b antiemetic
c parkinsonism
d antipshycotic

34. aspirin given to decrease chance of IHD will cause?
a dec pltlt agregation

35. digoxin related question in which toxicity in?
a given with quinidine
b hyperkalemia
c hypermagnesimia
d hypocalcemia

36 hepatic pedicle consist of?
a hepatic artery
b br. of portal vein
c hepatic artery portal vein common hepatic duct

37 diff b/w cimetidine nd ranitidine s that ranitidine?
a less effective
b less CNS side effects
c dec gastric motility

38 distance for respiratory droplets to cause infection?
a 1-2 feet
b 3-6 feet

39 artery of foregut?
a celiac

40 body first mechanism to produce heat against cold?
a shivering

41 presence of scanty barr body?
a turner
b klienfelter
d downsyndrome male

42 regarding thalamus?
a control emotion
'b control body water
c recieve all somatic nd sensory information

43 structure passing foramen ovale?
a maxillary
b mandibular
c meningeal artery

44 baby prefering bottle milk over breast milk?
a cleft soft palat
b cleft soft nd hard palate
c dec hormones
d weak larynx muscle
e nose blokade

45 fracture of shaft of humerus nd ptnt cant raise arm?
a axilley nerve

46 ptnt cant evert his foot damage to?
a tibialis ant
b tibialis post
c peroneus longus
d flexor digitorum'

47 stucture not forming wall of inguinal canal
a aponeurosis of EO
b IO
c lacunar ligament
d cojoint tendon
e fascia transversalis

48 structure which prevent movement of unwanted material from passing from one epithelium cell to other?
a tight junc
b gap junc
c desmosome
d zona adherens
e internuclear material

50 regarding metaplasia chose inappropriate?
a is irreversible

51 most common thing causing tumor is?
a non lethal mutaion in gene
b mutation of proto oncogene

52 cause of inc. BT
a vwf def
b liver disease
c vit k def

53 malignancy with autosomal dominant heritance
a child retinoblastoma
b ovarian ca
c breast ca

54 child treated for malaria develop anemia nd dark urine?
a g6pd def

55 neurotransmitr in slow wave sleep
a Ach
b serotonin
c enkephalin

56 oxytocin nd adh originate from?
a hypothalamus
b post pitutiary

57 2nd pharyngeal pouch derv.?
a rami of mandibule
b stylohyoid ligament
c stylomandibular ligament

58 damage to hypothalamus which hormone will inc?
a prolactin
b GH

59 lung xray show multiple opacities on bronchial wash have plasma cells lymphocyte epitheloid macrophage what organism?
a mycobacterium t.b

60. rupture to bulbous urethra urine accumulate in?
a superfical perineal pouch
b rectovesical pouch

61. breast tumor of upper outer quadrnt lymph drainage?
a apical
b anterior

62. knife injury to mitd axillary area in 4th intercostal space damage to?
a internal intercostal memb
b internal intercostal muscle
c atria

63. hypertrophic cardiomyopathy assoc with?
a myocyte disarray

64. receptor for withdrawl reflex?
a nocciceptor
b pacinian
c miesner

65. Fast Pain Mediated by which Fibers ?
a A alpha
b A delta
c C fibers
d Highly Myelinated Fibers

66. positive predictive value is?
a proportion of true positive in all positive
b same as senstivity
c same as specificity

67. receptor for vibration sense?
a pacinian
b ruffini
c misener

68. receptor for pressure on skin?
a pacinian
b ruffini
c hair follicle

69. which is benign tumor?
a adenoma
b hepatoma
c melanoma

70. child treated for 1% permitherin and also other child with same problem most best?
a sarcoptes scabie

71. child with parotid swelling have right testis enlarge other family member also same complain ?
a mumps

72. osmotic pressure of interstitial fluid is difr from plasma by??
a.1 osmol/kg water

73. carbidopa given with levodopa to ?
a help dec peripheral inactivation
b to help in entering brain

74. PTH hormone regulate calcium by?
a inc. its reabsorption in distal tubule

75. on ecg PR nd QRS with ratio of 3:1?
a mobitz 1
b mobitz 2
c complete block

76. which is not a bacterial inf.?
a histoplasmosis
other options were bacterial

77. not given for candida infection?
a ketoconazole
b clotrimazole
c amphotericin b
d griseofulvin
e nystatin

78. muscle arising from femur damage to which causes instable knee joint?
a vastus lateralis
b rectus femoris
c sartorius

79. healthy individual Na balance by ?
a osmoreceptor

80. which dec heart rate?
a brain bridge reflex
b oculocardiac reflex

81. regarding midbrain appropriate?
a duct of midbrain is cerebral aqueduct
b substantia nigra divide cerebral peduncle into tectum nd crus cerebri
c have to colliculi posterirly
d CN IV originate anteriorly

82. poisioning not relieved by naloxone?
a morphine
b pheno
c pethidine
d heroin

83. high altitude acclimization causes?
a dec erythropoitn
b inc pulmonary ventilation
c pulmonary vasodilation
d metabolic acidosis

84. in isotonic exercise which doesnot inc?
a heart rate
b systolic BP

85. type 2 hypersenstivity example?
a erythroblastosis fetalis

86. arthus reaction example of ?
a type III hypersenstivity

87. growth hormone most appropriate?
a is polypeptide
b inc growth of bone nd cartilage thru somatomedins

88. blood supply of brain regulated by?
a paco2
b pao2

89. which organ form peptide which help in bone growth?
a kidney
b liver
c brain
d intestine

90. which is least malignant?
a FAP coli
'b tubulo villous
c villous
d metastatic polyp
e tubular adenomatous polyp

91. enzyme for serotonin nd epinephrine metabolism?
b compt

92. synapse least likely to present in?
a sympathetic chain ganglia
b dorsal root ganglia
c dorsal horn
d ventral horn
e lateral horn

93. PDA is remanant of left?
a ventral aorta
b dorsal aorta
c 6 aortic arch
d 5 aortic arch

94. woman with 1 year immune disorder develop right cervical lymphadenopathy what is it?

95. Subcapsular afferent lymph vessel is feature of ??
a Spleen
b Thymus
c Lymph node

96. Which carcinogen causes bronchogenic ca. ?
a Tobacco smoke
b asbestosis
c silicosis

97. which is not a liver granuloma?
a gumma
b lipogranuloma
c sarcoidosis
d silicosis

98. which is slow growing thyroid tumor?
a follicular
b pappilary

99. ADH effect most is on?
a medullary colecting duct
b cortical colecting duct
c distal tubule

100. erythropoitn sec by?
a macula densa
b cell of proximal tubule
c mesengial cell
d cell of renal tubul

101. third trimester pregnant lady dec cardiac output is in left lateral position to avoid compression of which abdominal structure?
B right lung
c liver
d spleen

102. related to abd. aorta chose incorect?
a on right side of chisterna chyli
b on left to IVC
c divide at l4
d give lateral pair branches to parietes

103. which immunological test is used for the following conditions?
a gonnococal inf
b hydatid disease
c giardiasis

104. in asthma allergen attach to?
a mast cell on bronchi mucosa 

105. identification or difference of left and right kidney ?
a relation of stucture in hilum
b size nd weight
c coverings

106. Eating behaviour
a Inhibited by leptin secreted by adipocyte
b inhibited by leptin secreted by muscle
c increased by stomach distension
d increased by destroying hunger centre

107. short term regulation of B.P
a baroreceptor
b renin angiotensin

108. Tractas solitarius 

a Carries first order neurons for taste sensations
b Carries second order neurons for taste sensations
c motor nucleus for tounge muscle

109. The single most important local factor affecting wound healing

a -infection
b ischemia
c foriegn body
d vit c

110. About Active transport:

a Always involves Sodium-Potassium pump
b Uphill transfer of molecules in a few cells. 
c Require Glucose
d protien carriers are needed

111. The cells forming the coronata radiata are:

a Theca Interna
b Theca Externa
c Granulosa cells

112.Two groups of Smokers & non-smokers, 500 each to study the effects of Smoking...what is the study?

a case-control
b Cohort
c Cross-sectional

113. Which of the following is a poor prognostic lastfactor for sepsis?
a dic
b vasodilation
c diffuse tissue injury

114.A 75 year old man with COPD is bedridden and develop tacyhcardia & shortness of breath, what is the diagnosis?

a Pul.Embolism
b MI

115. Regarding Fibrocartilage 

a It has a prechrondrium
b It is found in the Pinna
c It is found in the Interverterbal disc

116. prepotential iS MOST significant in which of the following
a S A node
b Atrial muscle cells
c Bundle of his
d Purkinje fibres
e Ventricular muscle cells

117. The digastric triangle is formed by:

a The anterior Belly of digastric muscle, post. belly of digastric nd mandible

118.A 30year old fireman got severe burns. Which of the following complications is he at likely to have?

a Dehisce
b Contracture
c Keloid

119. ptnt with hemicolectomy no liver metastasis how to monitor?
b alpha fetoprotien

120.regarding ant. pitutiary microscopic findings?
a 50% corticotroph
b somatotroph appear as small basophilic cells
other options dont remember

121. regarding scaleni ant. muscle?
a ant. to subclavian vien
b phrenic nerve passes in front
c give post. relation to roots of brachial plexus
d attach sup. to c3-c6 vertebra

122. regarding vertebra?
a c7 has long spine
b lumbar vertebra have heart shape body
c thoracic have foramen transversarium
d ventral nd neural cure same

123. which inc. metabolic rate?
a inc. thyroxine levels
b anxiety state
C. Increase activity
growth hormone

124. most probable to relieve exophthalmus do?
a hypophysectomy
b thyroidectomy
c give drugs to reduce t cell activation
d testosterone 

125. which structure arches over root of right lung?
a azygous
b hemiazygous
c arch of aorta


1) eversion of foot is caused by
2) healthy induvidual Na balance by
3)which decrease heart rate .. oculo cardic reflex
4)regarding mid brain
5)regarding syndromes caused by iron
6)cimetidine n ranitidine
7)steady touch
8)poisioning not relieved bynaloxone
9)acclimitaztion causes
10)istonic exercise
12)regarding jaundice
13)child with jaundice n dark color urine..test?
14)withdrawal reflex receptor?
15)regarding basal ganglia

ANSWERS OF THESE: (1)peroneus longus
3)atrial reflex ........ANP
4)red nucleus
6)ranitidine ........ less CNS effects??
5)iron ??? 
9)increase vetilatory effort
10)work done ......... decrease in periferel resistance 
11)metabolites secreted by animals not well developed in humans
12)peelia ...... ....... gilbert syndrome
13)ALT & bilirubin
15)high magnesium ????? (no idea))}
1 A
2 a
3 C
4 A
6 A
7 A
8 HEP C 
10 and hypersegmented neutrophils an A
11 A
12 A
13 MOST sensitive screening test ans A
14 B
15 A
16 statement was a bit different PROBABLY ANS WAS B
17 A
18 A
19 A
20 B or C plz confirm
21 B
23 A
24 A
26 A
27 A
28 C
29 C
30 C
31 mitral valve prolapse
32 A
34 Statement was aspirin is given in IHD as it (and was dec. syntesis of thromboxane)
35 A
36 C
37 B
39 A
40 A
41 B
42 C
43 B
45 fracture at surgical neck A
46 C
47 C
48 A
50 A
52 A
53 A
54 A
55 B
56 A
57 B
58 A
59 A
60 A
61 B
62 intercostal membrane A
64 A
65 B
66 A
67 A
68 sustained pressure on body B 
69 A
70 A
71 A
73 A
74 A
75 progressive increase of pr interval and 3:1 ans A
76 A
77 B
78 A
79 A
81 C
82 B phenobarbitone
85 A
86 A
87 A
88 A
89 C
90 E
91 A
92 C
93 C
96 B
98 A
99 B
100 C
125 A
124 B
123 A
119 A
118 B

117 A
116 A
115 C
114 A
113 question was a bit different.ans. was A
112 in the statement the risk of smoking was given so most likely it was B
110 ans. was involves proteins with enzymatic activity
109 A or B not confirm
107 A
106 A
105 A
104 Statement was in a sensitized patient allergen first interacts with..... not confirm maybe A
103 statement was like in which diseases immunological test is done... A or C
101 statement was a pt on dentist chair fainted so the doctor raised her legs and tilted her to the left lateral position to avoid compression of which abdominal structure. i think C
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